Comparison of the English 
Basic Education Curriculum (BEC)  
K to 12 Curriculum

2002 BEC Grades 4 to 6: 
The English curriculum covers four macro skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing

2013 K to 12 Grades 4 to 6:
The English curriculum has standards: domains, content and performance standards.

2002 BEC Grades 4 to 6:
Each skill focuses on the same content and taught in an interrelated/integrated manner.
Example: Stressed and Unstressed                Syllable has skills in listening, speaking,                                 reading and writing.

2013 K to 12 Grades 4 to 6:

The domains have specific competencies to be developed in each grade level.

These domains are aligned with the five macro skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2002 BEC Grades 4 to 6:

This structure has allowed mastery of contents but the redundancy of contents resulted to more competencies to be taught in each grade level.

2013 K to 12 Grades 4 to 6:

The competencies are decongested and contents are not repeatedly taught in the grade levels.

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